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December 10 2013


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{from top to bottom:

Twist Online stacking up a fresh shipment of Polly Wales designs

Satine Boutique trying out their favorites--Arik Kastan, One Jewelry, Shay Accessories & Suzanne Kalan

RRenio decked out in HOORSENBUHS and ForeverMark diamonds

Marion Fasel stopped to show me her rings while visiting Kwiat Diamonds

Jessica Seaton and some of her artistic creations

Jessica McCormack is making me drool with these gorgeous one-of-a-kind emerald rings

Engagement101 stopped by Kristin Hanson's booth at JCK and loved these alternative rings

Cbalthouse made the perfect dainty trio-stack #ringenvy

alipc88 just loves Halleh Jewelry, that makes two of us!!}

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December 08 2013

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December 03 2013

Etsy Shop: The Eden Collective

dragonlace amylace Screen Shot 2013-11-30 at 8.06.38 PM heartlace1 skull crescent tourmbracelet emerald filigree Eden collective

The Eden Collective is an online treasure trove of vintage and antique jewelry, collected over the years by owner Eden.  She has a keen eye for for what is collectable and trendy when it comes to antique jewelry.  Reinventing pieces that are difficult to wear nowadays or items that are overlooked when treasure hunting, like stick pins for example, are her specialty! 

Currently, The Eden Collective has over ten rings for sale which have been converted from antique stick pins.  She keeps the shanks thin in order to make stacking and collecting easier. There are so many that I want!! Eden says, “They are sort of magical worn together, but hold their own individually and the smaller sizes work beautifully as first knuckle or pinkie rings.” She also has converted cufflinks into earrings and Victorian incidentals into bracelets and necklaces.  

The above collection of photos feature all the jewelry that is currently available on her Etsy shop.  

An Edwardian lineup of two sapphires and a diamond in the center, makes for a lovely stacking ring.

A pansy within a heart, done in vibrant purple.  The pansy means "Think of me" and combined with a beautifully rendered repousse heart this wonderfully sweet ring sends a simple but poignant message. 

A striking cobalt blue enamel ring which displays a high deco aesthetic.  14k yellow gold is an elegant background for sparkling European cut diamonds set in white gold.

A circular “bullseye” ring set with one Old Mine cut diamond.  Love this circular shape!

A miniature ship’s wheel which features an Old Mine cut diamond. So unique, I’ve never seen anything like it!

An Edwardian pearl clover ring symbolizing faith, love, hope and luck. Set with natural white seed pearls which signified innocence and purity to the Victorians, this ring sends a message of genuine affection.

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December 01 2013

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November 29 2013

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November 25 2013

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Helvetica The Perfume ~ new fragrance

Helvetica The Perfume

Oakland-based “Creative Collective” Guts & Glory has launched Helvetica The Perfume, a new “fragrance” inspired by the ubiquitous font of the same name…

Read the rest of this article »

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